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Authentic Chicago Style Pizza

Located in the historic Howard Theater building, Salerno's on Tap provides an inviting restaurant delivering authentic Italian dishes including pizza, pastas, burgers and sandwiches.

With roots in Cosenza Privince in Italy, Salerno's on Tap is located at:
1631 Howard St, Chicago, IL 60626

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Phone: (312) 766-4234

Our History

Established in 1966, Salerno's Family owned pizzeria has put Chicago, Illinois on the map as having the best pizza in the country. Recently featured as best Authentic Chicago Style Pizza in Chicagoland according to Chicago Sportwriters Guide!

Rogers Park

Rogers Park

Later, the family business expanded with restaurants opening in St. Charles, Chicago, Bolingbrook, and Oak Park. Salerno’s Restaurant prides itself on quality Italian dishes made with the freshest ingredients. We guarantee our customers will enjoy their dining experience in our family-operated restaurants, and never go home hungry. The Salerno family tradition continues to thrive, as the second generation follows in the footsteps of their fathers opening locations in Rogers Park, Hodgkins, Western Springs, Mt. Prospect and Gilbert, Arizona. Thanks to our customers Salerno’s Restaurant has been in business for over fifty years. You have made us famous and put us on the map.

Chicago Style Pizza

Chicago Style Pizza

Brothers Vincenzo, Arnaldo and Joseph opened the Berwyn Tavern in 1966 on the corner of 16th Street and Wesley, in Berwyn. It later became known as Salerno’s Restaurant on 16th Street. The brothers began to dabble with their pizza recipe from back home and served their thick-crust pizza to the clientele. The Salerno brothers started to expand their business and focus on serving homemade Southern-Italian favorites. While their wives prepared homemade pastas, sauces, meatballs and sausage, the pizza became famous.

Arrival in America

Arrival in America

Joseph Salerno was born in Castrolibero, Cosenza, in the region of Calabria, Italy. The family’s two room home was a gathering place for family and friends to enjoy the traditional flavors of Calabria. His passion for cooking dates back to his childhood years where he remembers preparing pizza in the brick oven found in the rear of the house. In 1957, parents Rosario and Francesca Salerno brought their family to America in hopes of starting a new and improved life for their family. They arrived at Ellis Island by boat and finally settled here in Chicago.